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Patent Portfolio Optimization

The rapid pace of innovation and ever-changing business landscape are driving companies to invest significantly in developing a strong patent portfolio. As the portfolio matures and grows, the investment in personnel and escalating maintenance fees can become unwieldy. Too often, companies incur unnecessary cost by continuing to invest in low-value patents.

Proactive Patents' Portfolio Optimization service utilizes a unique blend of proprietary software and technical expertise to maximize the value of a patent portfolio while reducing unnecessary costs.

The average cost savings from this activity for large U.S. patent holders is millions of dollars. 

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The Proactive Difference!

Combining deep claim analysis and technical expertise, our Proactive Portfolio Optimization service highlights low-value patents to divest as well as high-value patents to further leverage. 

Service Benefits

Save Time

Free up internal personnel by streamlining the process with our actionable reports.

Save Money

Avoid paying expensive maintenance fees by divesting low-value patents.

Increase Value

Increase the value of a patent portfolio by identifying high-value patents.


Further leverage a patent portfolio by selling and/or licensing. 

Premium Add-On Services

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As a patent portfolio grows in both size and technologies, it quickly becomes difficult to know the actual coverage of the portfolio. This is further complicated by a patent application’s claim scope changing throughout prosecution, which can lead to patents that issue with claims that barely represent the invention covered in the originally filed claims. With the depressed patent market, many organizations can’t afford the resources required to actively mine their existing portfolio to identify high-value patents that may have been overlooked or cover technologies that were recently developed/implemented. Too often, companies leave out many high-value Proud Patents when negotiating licensing agreements or valuing their portfolio, mainly because they are unaware of the potential value of the patents.

Proactive Patents is a smart services company that utilizes a unique blend of proprietary software and technical expertise to maximize the value of a patent portfolio by further analyzing the patents that have been identified as high-value.

On average a patent with a strong EoU claim chart sells for $50K (27% Premium) more than if the EoU wasn’t included.

Combining deep claim and competitive analysis with technical expertise, we identify patents that contain claims that your core competitors are most likely to infringed. Then we develop detailed EoU claim charts illustrating the infringement.

Service Benefits:

  • Increases the value and liquidity of the patents/portfolio
  • Strengthens licensing position against key competitors
  • Increases defensive stopping power of the portfolio

At Proactive Patents we employ our proprietary software (PAS) to comb through thousands of competitor applications in order to find and rank those most similar to the original invention. Following the PAS analysis, our technical experts develop alternate solutions that design around and ahead of some of the market's highest ranked applications. 

Numerous inputs can be taken into account during the enhancement of patent applications, such as corporate priorities, case law, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. The end result is an enhanced patent application focused on the original invention, including the developed designs/solutions.

The advantages of Proactive Patents' Enhanced Patent Preparation service include:

  • Providing further opportunities to file continuation patent applications for the included embodiments
  • Establishing prior art that can be used to reject future competitor patent applications covering similar products and features
  • Strengthening licensing position in key technologies and business lines